System Engineering

The Complete Process Of:

 – Applying the principles of technical and human-centered disciplines such as: mechanical, electrical, industrial, control, software engineering; organizational studies; and project management to ensure that all likely aspects of a project or system are considered, and integrated prior to and throughout the detailed product development cycle;

– Developing top down detailed system flow diagrams, work-processes, optimization methods, and risk management tools to meet and/or exceed fit, form, and functionality requirements in the most cost effective and timely manner to maximize new product success.


Mechanical Mechanisms/Devices and Packaging

Electrical Microcontrollers/Devices and Printed Circuit Board(s)

General User Interface via Software

Cables Harnesses/Connectors and Hydraulics/Pneumatics Lines

Communication/Graphics/Signage and Secure Product Access/Mounting


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) [Analogue/Digital]

Valves/Switches/Relays/Fuses and Motors/Power Supply(ies)


Toll/Payment Machines

ATM/ABM/Card Loading Machines

Precision Positioning Robotics

Multi-Stage Rotation/Position Robotics

3-, 4-, and 5-axis Milling Precision, Stable Transport Platform

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