Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

The Complete Process Of:

 – Applying general engineering art of designing products and sub-systems in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. The DFM process exists in almost all engineering disciplines, but the implementation differs widely depending on the manufacturing technology;

– Addressing potential dimensional tolerance, raw materials, supply-chain hardware, quality, testing, primary fabrication and secondary processing problems in the design phase which is the least expensive place to address them to meet and/or exceed fit, form, and functionality requirements in the most cost effective and timely manner to maximize new product success.


Method of Fabrication

Raw Material Type and Properties

Material Size and Shape

Process Flow/Timing

Dimensional Tolerance


Ease of Manufacturing

Fix Problems in the Design Phase

Finish, Texture, and Treatments

Secondary Operations

Process Flow/Timing


Functional Yield Loss

Six Sigma Process Improvements

Test-Related Yield Losses

Parametric Design Marginalities

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